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 Marketing Automation made easy

Creating awesome digital marketing journeys that convert


Improve Website Attraction - Small changes that drive more data capture from web visitors.


Marketing Automation - Attract and sell to more to those website visitors.


Increase Income -  Sales and referral funnels that drive increases in monthly income.


Trust - Reach more through customer reviews & brand awareness - Using proven online advertising strategies with guaranteed results.

Book a discovery session with our automation manager to find out how you can deliver turbo charged campaigns and sales funnels

The Digital Doctor has expertise in a variety of app technologies, using a team of automation and integration specialists in the following fields;

Digital marketeers, social media experts,  corporate video production, technical integration specialists and graphic designers, who bring together a full sized solution for any business.

Raising awareness for The British Heart foundation research

Join me and walk in memory or support of someone who has passed away or suffered through

Heart attack, Circularity disease, Stokes, Dementia and Diabetes

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